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How to Make a Highball Drink

Apple MartiniYou probably order highball drinks all the time without realizing it. In fact, although most people don’t think much about it, a great percentage of bar drinks fall into the category of “Highball”. Which is not only a description of the drink itself, but also the glass it is typically served in.

A highball is generally defined as a shot of a single type of liquor added to a larger portion of non-alcoholic mixer with ice. The drink is served in a “Highball” glass. Which is a straight-sided glass that holds about 10 – 12 oz.

Highball drinks, like Lowball drinks, are designed to be made quickly. Their popularity at bars is as much a result of bartenders needing to make the best use of their time as it is of consumer demand.

For many of us, the beauty of highballs is their simplicity.

To give you a quick overview of Highball drinks, we created our Highball Cocktail page. Check it out: www.drunkmansguide.com/articles/highball.php

Some noteworthy highballs:

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